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Training and Education

HCR-CTRO has been conducting a series of educational projects with the aim of training the mine action personnel from Croatia and abroad, including Mine Action Centers' staff. Our projects insure high and professional level of theoretical and especially practical training, as well as work safety, and they increase significantly the overall work quality.

Educational projects:

1. EOD training

We have established a system of continuous, modular education of the mine action staff in UXO disposal, conducted in four levels of expert trainings, levels 1 to 3+. All the training levels are in line with IMAS 09.30 and Test and Evaluation Protocol 09.30, to ensure uniformity in performing EOD activities as well as a high level of qualification of trainees.

2. Other training courses intended for:

- demining site managers
- team leaders
- demining project development staff
- QA/QC officers

Depending on the needs of individual organization ordering the training, HCR-CTRO can provide other, specifically tailored training curriculums.