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Tehnical data:
length with the working tool -6.860 mml
ength without the working tool -4.520 mm
width-2.795 mm
height-1.900 mm
weight- 18 tons
working tools- flail and tiller
engine-PERKINS, 2806C-E16TAG2
engine power- 615,9 kW , (850 HP)
operation-remote controls
transmission- tracks

Technical data on the flail:
Mark -AM-010
Working width-2.300 mm
Diameter -1.430 mm
Axis diameter -195 mm
Number of diggers-44
Digger weight -900 grams
Digger shape-disc
Chain length-650 mm
Layout of chains-spiral
Rotation direction-.forward/backward

Technical data on the tiller:
Mark -AF-010
Working width-2.300mm
Layout of tillers-spiral
Number of diggers-44
Axis diameter-195 mm
Tiller diameter-829 mm
Digger shape-.yathagan
Rotation direction-forward/backward

Field testing data:
- soil category I to III
Average depth-29,36 cm
Efficiency-2,064.00 m2/h


Test site testing data (October 2005):

Average depth(cm):26,43
Time(minutes, seconds):4.31
Speed of machine movement(km/h):0,664
Possible capacity(m2/h): 1560,89

Average depth(cm):29,70
Time(minutes, seconds):3.44
Speed of machine movement(km/h):0,803
Possible capacity(m2/h): 1888,39

Average depth(cm):27,36
Time(minutes, seconds):3.00
Speed of machine movement(km/h):1,000
Possible capacity(m2/h): 2350,00

The machine successfuly removes AP and AT mines.



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