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Testing and Certification

Article 86 of the Croatian Law on Mine Action (NN 11/15) stipulates that CROMAC and demining companies, when performing auxiliary general survey, technical survey and/or demining, are obliged to use only those equipment and devices with valid conformity certificate in line with rules governing technical requirements for products and conformity evaluation. HCR-CTRO is the only company in the Republic of Croatia accredited by the Croatian Accreditation Agency to conduct certification of demining machines, metal detectors. mine detection dogs, personal protective equipment and prodders.

Prior to including the new equipment in the capacities of demining companies, the equipment has to be certified. A certificate is valid for the period of one year, after that the equipment has to be recertified.

Our certificates are valid throughout the world, and certification can be conducted in Croatia or in the client's country.

Accreditation Certificate - download